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Close a Position

Close a Position Strategy

This strategy opens a buy position when the strategy starts, checks the NetP/L of the position, and closes the position when necessary.

The number of account, the history, the number of lots, trader range, desirable profit and critical loss are defined in the settings before starting the strategy:


Once the system gets a new feed on the open candle, the strategy checks the NetPL, and if it is bigger than the desirable level or too low, the position will be closed:

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No Member Photo by florian posted Sunday, September 18, 2011
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hi !!
just learnig actfx so I modifid the code to monitor what the parameters are doing.

procedure OnStart;
    log (datetostr(date)+' '+timetostr(time));
    log ('Buy position opened: '+floattostr(;

that gives me :
23:18:25.264: 30/12/1899 00:00:00
23:18:25.267: Buy position opened: 1818.09
23:18:25.271: Strategy started
23:18:25.349: Position closed. Net P/L: 360930
23:18:30.975: Strategy stopped

anybody knows what is wrong ??
best regards 

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