Chaikin Volatility

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Chaikin Volatility

Chaikin Volatility Indicator

The Chaikin Volatility Indicator evaluates the dynamics of the difference between the high and low rate. It estimates the market volatility by measuring the gap between the minimum and maximum. It is calculated as follows:

H-L (i) = HIGH (i) - LOW (i)

H-L (i - 10) = HIGH (i - 10) - LOW (i - 10)

CHV = (EMA (H-L (i), 10) - EMA (H-L (i - 10), 10)) / EMA (H-L (i - 10), 10) * 100

The rapid growth of this indicator over a short period of time indicates that the price is approaching the bottom level, while the fall of volatility over a longer period of time shows that the price is approaching a peak.

Envelopes and Moving Averages can also be used to confirm the Chaikin indicator signals.

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Thank you for this indicator!

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