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Author: Black

This script shows how to make a Stochastic of an Aroon, using the standard formula for a Stochastic. I have used your 25 Stop and Limit idea.

A user would need to have a little bit of a bank roll - but not too big - in his account because of the Maringale System in effect on it. Try upping the Maringale from the "2" setting and see what happens.

There is extra, "junk" scripting that can be turned on if you edit the script, to make it work with the EUR/USD. I didn't label what the particular scripting statements are for. You'll just have to study it.

Also, the maximum number of positions open is presently set to make it so that both Buy and Sell can use it. That is, if you set it to "5" you might get as many as 5 Buys and 5 Sells, a total of 10. If the Maringale is set higher than "1" you might get more than that on occasion. The script contains latent wording to change this to the maximum for both Buy and Sell combined.

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