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Author: Timbo813

Simple strategy that I'm currently testing in live demo

It opens a lot of entry orders (40 on topside and 40 on downside of the current rate) = current rate +1, +2, +3,... ,+40 and current rate -1, -2, -3,... ,-40.

It closes all the positions at each candle, and erases all orders before opening new ones.

You can use the option start value (it changes the position of order), for example current rate +10/-10, can be useful using 4 hours chart, placing the start value @ 25 to begin when there's a market movement, or placing the start value to 10-15 to stand out of "sleeping market"

The principle is placing stop and limit @ 999 because positions are closed at each candle

Must be used on a chart interval of minimum 15 - 30 minutes, best with 1-4 hour and very good results with one day chart

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