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Author: Deid

This Strategy 2 Exponential MA’s: the faster one with period of 5, and the slower one with period of 10. I've also used standard RSI 14 and stochastic 14-3

This algorithm creates a buy order when:
MA5 crosses MA10 upwards
RSI > 50
STOCHASTIC is not in overbought (>80)

It creates a sell order when:
MA5 crosses MA10 downwards

Both of these orders are closed if one of the first 2 conditions is violated, so if the MA5 crosses downwards the MA10 OR RSI goes below 50, the algorithm closes the open position (if it finds any). And vice versa: if the MA5 crosses upwards the MA10 OR RSI goes above 50, the algorithm closes any short positions previously opened by itself.

As you can see it's very simple and helps to use the basic theory of Moving Averages Cross but with less false signals! I've left both LIMIT and STOP if you prefer to use the algorithm only for opening new positions and not for closing them. Personally I use STOP and LIMIT as a safety control, if the connection goes down for any reason I know that all my orders that are already open have a STOP/LOSS!!

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